Where is the phone’s clipboard?

Your phone’s clipboard is a very useful tool. We use it almost every day, such as when copying and pasting text. What exactly is a clipboard? It is a virtual space where we can temporarily store texts and links that we have copied. Because there is usually only room for one item, the newly copied content replaces the old one. This can be changed, as you will see later. Where is the phone’s clipboard? There is no specific location in the phone memory where we can look for saved texts that we have copied. The clipboard, on the other hand, is accessible via the application or the keyboard. Some manufacturers’ overlays include a clipboard, which we can access via a dedicated application and view the contents of. Then we’ll be able to see more than just the last thing we copied. Of course, it all depends on the phone you’re using. However, regardless of the device, almost every keyboard now has its own compartment that you can use. This enables you to quickly access its content while typing, which is extremely useful. So, most of the time, you’ll find a clipboard on your phone there.

Where is the phone’s clipboard? – the keyboard

It’s possible that the keyboard’s storage for more items is disabled by default, and you’ll need to enable it. It all depends on the keyboard you’re using – stock, Gboard, or SwiftKey? For example, on Gboard, you must first click the “G” icon in the upper left corner of the keyboard, followed by the notebook icon. All that remains is for you to confirm the clipboard’s inclusion. Any content we copy will be stored here from now on. We can also manually add new items or remove existing ones.

In any keyboard, access to the clipboard is fairly similar. In SwiftKey, for example, simply click the “+” icon in the upper left corner of the keyboard, followed by the notebook icon. Other keyboards, frequently the stock ones, display the clipboard after pressing the gear icon or entering the keyboard settings. In most of them, we can add new shortcuts to phrases, change the clipboard settings, and so on. The keyboard clipboard has the disadvantage of not storing content for an extended period of time. Gboard, for example, only remembers the last five entries.

Where is the phone’s clipboard? – applications

We can improve the functionality of our phone by installing an app that manages the clipboard across the system. It will provide more useful functions while remaining independent of the keyboard and other applications. It will be able to hold much more content and will allow you to empty your clipboard automatically every now and then or when it is full. Unfortunately, it will not provide the same level of convenience as the built-in keyboard compartment. However, if you frequently use the clipboard, copy a lot, frequently send a lot of links, or want to save them quickly, then such a solution with an additional application will undoubtedly work. I have two app suggestions for you that will give our phone a true clipboard function.

Clipper is a powerful clipboard manager that includes everything a program of this type should include. To begin with, it will make it simple to view all content, edit it, share it, and organize it in lists. The application allows quick access to the clipboard from the status bar, which is identical to the clipboard’s availability on the keyboard. Clipper can recall the last 20 entries. Unfortunately, if you want to increase the limit or disable auto-erase completely, you must purchase the Clipper Plus version.

Manager of the Clipboard

Clipboard Manager, or simply Clipboard Manager, is a program that is very similar to Clipper. It is easier to use and has more features than Clipper’s free version. Clipboard Manager, in addition to what the previous application provided, allows you to automatically delete notes (which is disabled by default in this app), import and export clipboard contents to a file, and perform automatic cloud backup.

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