What you need to know about Google Chat, or how to meet the successor to Hangouts

Over the years, Google has received the reaper’s patch. Many mocking graphics and articles presenting popular app cemeteries can be found on the Internet. In fact, the giant killed many of its services – sometimes a good decision, sometimes a bad one. There are a lot of messengers among all the applications that are no longer with us. Google Hangouts, which has a successor, is gradually joining this group. It’s Google Talk. You can gradually become acquainted with the new solution, which is distinguished primarily by its clear design and ease of use. What do you need to know about Google Chat? Check it out for yourself!

What is Google Chat, exactly?

For a long time, Hangouts has been rolled back. Some of this solution’s features are no longer available. It will be used in place of Google Chat, which was recently made available to individual users. Individual and group conversations in rooms for up to 8,000 people are possible with the new Google Messenger. The tool is integrated with Google Workspace, allowing you to transfer files from a disc or join meetings in Google Meet.

Is it better to have a group conversation or a private conversation?

Google Chat was created with business users in mind, so you will not find many add-ons found in other messengers. However, two approaches were used to facilitate group discussions. You won’t be able to add or remove participants once you’ve started a group conversation, and participants won’t be able to leave or hide it. The name is derived from the names of the participants, and the conversation is not divided into threads. You can enable or disable history, but you can’t add bots or create new chats with members of the same conversation.

Rooms allow for a lot more. Participants can be freely removed and added here, and users can leave and rejoin the same room at any time. Conversations are threaded to make it easier to find the most important information. Message history is enabled, and the room’s creator can give it any name they want. Each room member has the ability to add a bot to the room. There is nothing that prevents you from creating multiple rooms with the same group of people. Users will also receive fewer notifications as a result of mentions or conversations in which they participate. Each message in a group conversation is notified to us.

What are bots used for?

You can communicate with bots in the same way that you would with regular users, and their purpose is to help your organization. They allow you to use additional functions such as carrying out tasks, scheduling meetings, or searching for information. The bot will assist you in managing your own schedule by scheduling, canceling, or changing meetings. It will also notify you quickly if you have any meetings scheduled, for example, next week.

Can I still use Google Chat?

You can already use Google Chat as a solution. Go to the website. Your Hangouts conversations will be transferred to the new messenger if you are signed in to your Google Account. They will be available in both locations and will be updated on a regular basis. You don’t have to be concerned that messages will only be available in one location from now on, or that they will not appear on the other messenger. Its functionality is still being worked on. At the moment, it is not possible to make direct calls via Google Chat. In Google Meet, you can generate a link to a meeting.

How will Google Chat look? Time will tell for sure. Will anyone make use of it? Of course, yes. It will be a natural choice for those working on tools from the Mountain View behemoth. This is a component of the commercial Google Workspace package. As a result, employees will most likely communicate with one another, exchange files, schedule meetings, create rooms, and use all other functions to complete their tasks. What do you need to know about Google Chat? Try out the solution right now!

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