What does the triangle and arrow icon on the phone mean?

What do the phone’s triangle and arrow icon mean? You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for an answer to this question. The number of such inquiries, whether on Google or on our forum, indicates that you frequently encounter issues with this icon in the status bar. You’re not sure what it means or if it affects how your phone works. Of course, the icons will differ depending on the phone and the version of the operating system that is installed on it. However, you are most likely referring to one of the three solutions listed below.

Cellular data saving

The most likely scenario is that this icon means the cellular data saver is on. It’s especially useful when we have a very limited internet package from our provider. It operates in such a way that it restricts data transfer without the need for various applications, which is especially useful when we have a blank smartphone screen. We can, of course, disable this mode if we accidentally enabled it. The mode switch can be found in the settings or on the quick access bar:

Settings -> Wi-Fi & Internet Connections -> Data Counter -> Data Saver

roaming within the country

For some mobile operators, this icon may indicate that domestic roaming is enabled. This solution is used by Play, among others, and we should not be concerned. Simply put, when we are out of range of Play transmitters, the device connects to another, and an icon like this may appear. In addition to changing your location to get better coverage, you can also change the network mode to 3G. Although such an icon was common in older devices, it is now uncommon.

Power saver

Such an icon may also indicate that the battery saving mode is enabled, though in this case, a triangle with arrows appears on or next to the battery icon. However, this may not always be the case. From the quick settings bar, you can easily disable the battery-saving mode. You can also reach the switch manually, which is usually located at this location:

Settings -> Battery -> Battery Saver (Energy)

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