What can Android and splitting the screen into two applications be used for?

What can Android and splitting the screen into two applications be used for?

Google enjoys concealing many intriguing features in many of its inventions. They’re also available for Android. This is where the extremely useful split-screen option comes in handy. Changing applications is frequently sufficient. However, it is worthwhile to consider ways to improve your convenience. It’s worth looking into a very useful feature for this purpose: splitting the screen into two applications. You can do two things at the same time this way. It is recommended that you use this convenience to increase the efficiency of your work.

How do I activate split-screen on Android?

It is extremely simple. The first step is to launch the applications you want to arrange on the two halves of your screen. Then, press the menu button. Hold down the icon when you see thumbnails of your applications. Then you’ll notice a split-screen option. The app will appear, and you will need to press the other half of the screen to take the other half of your screen.

Taking Notes and Learning – Achieve More and Better Results

Electronic sources are now just as useful and important as traditional literature. It is very common for you to lose track of your notes and books. But then there comes a miraculous period in which you can finally get some work done. This is when the Internet and its resources come to the rescue. Regardless of the note-taking app, you use. Each of them will be ideal for taking notes on half of the screen, while the other half will be occupied by a browser or an e-book. Your content will be far more substantive than when switching between applications and remembering specific content – of course, this also helps when trying to remember the content and write in your own words (but it does not always work 100 percent ). When the screen is split, you can see the material in greater detail. You observe and describe it. As a result, there is less chance of making a factual error.

Combine business and pleasure by watching and working.

People prefer to work in semi-concentrated environments. This should not be criticized; it is a matter of taste and thus beyond debate. When you will be able to watch video materials on the pages of your favorite streaming portal at the same time, dividing the screen into two applications will also work well.

Office work with browser assistance

Many people prefer to work on a computer rather than a phone for two reasons: a larger screen and the ability to switch between windows more easily. However, the ability to divide the screen on smartphones is gradually changing the trend. Enabling spreadsheet, word processor, viewer, and presentation applications at the same time is not a problem. This is how you will be able to accomplish more and do it better. You are not required to leave the individual steps to complete them while sitting in front of the computer. You can now complete all of the steps on your smartphone. On an ongoing basis, you can analyze and describe tables with data. This is a tremendous convenience that should not be overlooked.

Mail and Calendar are two of every businessman’s most important applications.

It is very common to send e-mails, SMS, or other messages to remind people of an appointment. When you divide the application in half, you will save a lot of time. This will allow you to control your calendar and outgoing e-mails simultaneously. This allows you to better control the order in your organization and transform your phone into a business computer.

Dividing the screen into two applications will make your work much easier and, more importantly, more efficient. Split-screen will undoubtedly come in handy depending on how you work. Whether you are interested in office work, note-taking, or simple phone entertainment, you will undoubtedly be interested in the Android system’s functionality.

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