The results of the processor manufacturers speak for themselves – the growth is phenomenal.

At the end of last year, demand for all types of processors increased significantly. While the first half of the year saw a decline, the second half saw such an increase in sales that the year-on-year growth was astounding. It is worth noting that the current year appears to be even more intriguing in this regard. As a result, next year’s ranking will be even higher. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Results for processor manufacturers in 2020

However, before we get into the chart, let’s take a look at the three biggest absentees. Intel, Samsung, and Apple are some of the largest processor manufacturers that are not represented on this list. It is worth noting that this only applies to companies that design their own systems and outsource production. As a result, the Blue and Koreans, who also have their own production, are only considered in the context of work in their own factories, not in the context of work in external ones. Their orders, however, are too small to be considered. Apple is excluded because the company does not earn money directly from its processors, but rather from the ready-made products that they are a part of. Let’s get to the good stuff: the results.

Qualcomm is without a doubt the market leader. This is largely due to Apple’s use of this manufacturer’s 5G modems in their iPhones. However, the company’s main product, smartphone processors, cannot be overlooked. Surprisingly, it does not have the highest quantitative increase. Nvidia is the undisputed leader in this market. This just goes to show how desperately the market requires graphics cards. It is also worth noting that as many as six of the ten manufacturers on the list experienced double-digit growth of more than 30 percent. Only two companies experienced declines, while the overall market grew by as much as 26.4 percent. And keep in mind that we’re still talking about 2020. What is happening now, however, is exacerbating the situation.

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