The iPhone SE camera in DxOmark – small but not ineffective

The iPhone SE is an exception that proves the rule that originality does not pay off in today’s world. Meanwhile, a smartphone with a single camera, large frames, a generally antediluvian design, and… becomes an instant sales success. Of course, you don’t have to go far to explain this, but should those who are interested expect high-quality images? Those from the main matrix as well as selfies? According to DxOmark, it’s not too bad.

According to DxOmark, the iPhone SE camera is nothing to be ashamed of.

On the surface, the iPhone SE (2021) inherited the cameras from the iPhone XR, i.e. the entry-level Apple model from two years ago. As a result, it should come as no surprise that both models are ranked next to each other in the DxOmark ranking, both with 101 points. Far from the top (128 points), but in good company – Google Pixel 3, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, Samsung Galaxy S9 +, and Note9. The authors praised the photos for their excellent exposure and contrast, which were achieved thanks to the successful automatic HDR mode. Color reproduction is also a strong suit of the current generation’s smallest and cheapest iPhone. Problems naturally arise at night, when various noises and distortions come to the fore.

dxomark selfie camera for the iPhone SE 2021

In the case of selfies, the lack of light is once again a problem, as we lose almost all details. For more information, please see the full DxOmark reports on the main camera and the selfie camera.

It is not without reason that I stated earlier that DxOmark is recommending because the ranking led by DxO has flaws. Manufacturers can prepare to participate in this test, the rules and questions for which are available to the public. While Apple would prefer not to cheat in this matter, we can accept the outcome as appropriate. As a result, while the iPhone SE camera does not set new benchmarks, users should not be disappointed.

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