Phone with USB-C Charging Port Not Charging? This straightforward method can assist you.

Many of us have probably experienced this scenario at some point in our lives: we want to connect the phone to charge in the evening, so we plug the cable into the port… and nothing happens or the cable won’t go inside. Does this imply that the cable needs to be replaced or that the smartphone needs to be serviced? Not all of the time! It turns out that there is a very simple method that can sometimes help us, and we often overlook it.

Is your phone’s USB-C port not charging? It might be sufficient to clean it.

New technologies are probably something that we all enjoy. Unfortunately, they are not always perfectly polished, as the USB type C port exemplifies. It turns out that the structure of the device allows for the easy accumulation of dust and dust, which, when compacted, may prevent charging. Unfortunately, in such a case, the compressed air may be rendered ineffective, necessitating the use of a more powerful weapon to remove the dirt. As a result, a properly prepared toothpick could be an excellent tool.

You can easily remove the dust from the port with its assistance, but be careful not to damage the device. Because wood is a soft material, there is no danger of scratching the inside of the smartphone. Many Reddit users confirm the operation of this deceptively simple method, which we frequently overlook. I know this from personal experience; once, I had the phone repaired only to have the service technician clean out some dust from the port. It did, however, cost me a dozen or so zlotys. Of course, keep in mind that this method will not work if the cable or port is damaged; in that case, you will need to seek professional assistance.

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