How do you restore or reset your phone to factory settings? Assist

All electronic devices, including smartphones, can fail to obey us from time to time. This situation could be the result of an Android system malfunction or an application downloaded from the Google Play store. Fortunately, there are ways to repair a phone that isn’t working properly. In today’s guide, I’ll answer a crucial question: how do you reset an Android phone? The article is split into two sections: soft reset and hard reset. What exactly do these terms mean? You’ll find out in the text’s following paragraphs.

How do you reset a phone that has become stuck? A soft reset could be the solution.

A soft reset is a procedure that restores the suspended smartphone’s functionality. It is important to note that this method will not result in the loss of any previously saved data, so you can use it at any time. I’ve included two methods for you to learn how to reset your phone below

A solution for smartphones with removable batteries

  • If you have a smartphone with a removable battery, performing a soft reset becomes very simple.
  • Remove the battery from the phone by opening the flip.
  • If you want your smartphone to turn on right away, replace the battery as soon as you remove it. Wait a few seconds before installing the battery if you want the phone to remain turned off.
  • Prepare yourself!

A solution for smartphones that do not have a removable battery

  • Soft resetting phones without a removable battery is a little more difficult, but still relatively simple.
  • Locate the button on your phone that you use to turn on the screen.
  • Hold it for 10 seconds or until the frozen smartphone turns off.
  • The phone should turn on automatically a few moments later. If it does not, proceed as usual.

How do I restart my phone if it is broken or stuck? You can benefit from a hard reset.

If your smartphone works (for example, you can make calls from it), but the system speed is slow or there are errors, it is worth performing a hard reset. It can also be used if the device does not power up. It is important to note that it will delete all of the data on your phone (i.e. contacts, texts, photos, etc.). As a result, make sure you have first backed up all important files on your computer. I’ve included two methods for you to learn how to reset your phone below.

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