Google Drive – How to Switch from iOS to Android

Because Android has evolved into such a complete system, an increasing number of people are migrating to iOS. Aside from simply increasing the system’s speed and stability, there could be a variety of other reasons for the switch. Some people may wish to experiment with new things. Perhaps they are dissatisfied with the Apple system or lack solutions available on Android. Perhaps the device itself, which supports Android, has piqued someone’s interest enough to switch platforms? Perhaps others simply want to save a little money? Android phones are typically much less expensive than iPhones. Everyone who hasn’t switched from an iPhone to an Android smartphone has probably wondered how to transfer all of their data. How do I make the switch from iOS to Android? Will I have to reinstall everything? Unfortunately, the majority of the time, yes, it is a completely different system and telephone. We can, however, easily transfer basic data such as contacts, photos, and other media to a new device. This entry is intended for people who are unfamiliar with telephones and want to transfer data quickly and easily.

How do I make the switch from iOS to Android?

There are numerous methods for accomplishing this, as well as numerous applications and tools for data movement. Phone manufacturers develop their own applications to assist us in transferring our data to a new phone. Often, we don’t even need a cable because everything happens in the cloud. There are also applications that allow you to transfer data between two devices by connecting them with a cable. On one side, there’s Lightning, and on the other, there’s USB (or USB-C). Remember that if you are unable to transfer something using the app, you can do so manually. Simply copy the files from your old phone or computer and paste them into the corresponding directories on your new phone. This is not a problem in Android, unlike in iOS. It is a time-consuming method, but it is worthwhile to be aware of it.

Today I’ll show you a very simple way to use the cloud from Mountain View’s giant. Google Drive is a simple tool for transferring data such as contacts, photos, events, and calendar notes. How do I use Google Drive to switch from iOS to Android? Simply follow the steps outlined below:


  • On your iPhone, download and install the Google Drive app. (If you already have it, please upgrade to the most recent version.)
  • In the Google Drive app, sign in with your Google Account. (If you have a Gmail or YouTube account, you almost certainly have one; if not, create one.)
  • Start the backup wizard. You can access it by going to Menu -> Settings -> Backup.
  • Choose what to transfer to your new phone or simply transfer everything by clicking – Start Backup.
  • Wait a minute. This may take some time if you have a large amount of data, particularly photos. Connect your iPhone to the charger and ensure a stable WiFi connection.
  • After you’ve made a copy, sign in to your Google Account on your new Android smartphone.
  • That’s all there is to it. All you have to do now is wait for the copy to be restored. During this time, you may use the device.
  • Disable iMessage on your old iPhone. Otherwise, you might not receive SMS messages from iPhone users.

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