Google Camera Go now includes HDR mode – the cheapest smartphones are taking better and better photos.

In the world of modders, Google is well-known for its camera application. This year, the popular GCam was released on lower-cost smartphones, which is how we came across Google Camera Go in March. The Americans improved their proposal over time, and the popular night mode was added in October. However, Google has only recently added a function that many people rely on on a daily basis. Not only that, but many people do it unconsciously. Naturally, I’m referring to the title HDR mode.

HDR mode is now available in Google Camera to Go for smartphones running Android Go.

HDR (High Dynamic Range, )also known as a wide dynamic range, is the ability to clearly reproduce both dark and bright elements of a scene. We can set the brightness point in a dark field to make it light up by default. However, the entire image becomes extremely bright, giving the impression of a blown sky. Clear clouds can be seen in the opposite direction, but the shadows under the tree will turn out to be black spots. In such cases, the HDR mode was created to overlay multiple photos based on the brightness point set. As a result, even the most basic Android Go and Google Camera Go smartphones will be able to put their abilities to the test in this scenario.

After all, this is a mode that is, in some ways, considered premium. Nonetheless, as I previously stated, we can find it in almost any smartphone. When these facts are considered together, it is easy to conclude that HDR does not always work as it should. Can you rely on a successful model in Google Camera Go? Let us be cheerful, knowing the Americans. It is undeniably an improvement that was long overdue.

Source: Android Police

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