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Episode – Choose Your Story Mod APK Overview

Our latest update Download Episode – Choose Your Story mod APK will take you 2x faster to the good stuff! The episode lets you live your stories through love, romance, adventure, and drama. We’re talking about faster load times, smoother animations, and more juicy stories. If you were a character in your favorite shop, wouldn’t that be awesome? With over 100,000 gripping stories, where you make choices that matter, Episode lets you do that. With billions of readings, Episode is the largest collection of immersive stories in the world where you choose your destiny. Or turn yourself into a creator and write your own!

There aren’t many games out there that make it possible for you to create and live your very own life to your satisfaction. This is where the episode is coming in. The game allows you to develop your own character and then take part in all sorts of intrigues, romances, and stories that challenge you to find love and fight against rivals.

The game has thousands of potential ends, and stories have been read billions of times. Right now, it’s the biggest online fantasy romance game ever. You can also write and publish your own, and have millions read, in addition to reading immersive romantic stories. You could come across a hidden talent that you never even knew you had.

Version Info
Name Episode – Choose Your Story
Compatible with 5.0
Latest version 14.10
Developer Episode Interactive
Google play link CLICK HERE
Price Free
Size 76.7 MB
Downloads 100,000,000+

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Some of the most popular stories include

The Little Pretty Liars

They’re extorting you. Can you tell us who it is? This take on the classic TV series has a lot of plot twists and turns-you’ll be shocked at the end of it! And a lot of drama. Yeah, these are only a few examples of the dramatic story of the game. There are thousands more of them, with new ones being introduced all the time. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can do it yourself!

The Kiss List.

Set in the Kentworth Academy, kissing the ten hottest singles in school, your challenge is to maintain your record of dominating high school. Are you going to pull that off? To be in awe of the next generation, flirt, tease and cement your place at the academy.

Love Life

Love Life, set in the center of the lights of New York City, is a tale where you flirt and plan your way through the NYC dating scene. You get to call the shots and pick who you’re going to end up with, and there’s a lot of fun to unfold along the way. To start with, this is a great shop, as it will give you a real sense of what the game is all about, and it could teach you something or two about dating and love.

Tips for playing Episode: Choose Your Story

Earn the gems

You need gems to unlock new outfits and artifacts for your character. They’re also important to decision-making, so make sure you’ve got a lot of them! You can gain more gems simply by working hard during the game or waiting to passively collect them, or even playing the game every day.

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Pick up your passes

When you open a book, you will only be able to read the first few chapters before you need a pass. Passes can be gained every two hours by logging in to a game, or by providing the developer with prizes for completing a game contest. You can also buy passes with real money, of course.

Episode – Choose Your Story APK Download
Episode – Choose Your Story APK Latest Download

Build stories about yourself

You can write your own stories and make people interact with them if you really want to become a group member and earn new gems and passes to do so. Not only is this a fun aspect of the game, but it’s also something that will boost your ability to tell a story, and it could benefit you in real life, in turn. Try to create stories that are captivating, even though they are original. You’re going to be thanked by your fans!

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